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home.  Since they were both single, they had become roommates a couple of years ago.  So far, everything had
worked out perfectly.  Identical twins are connected in so many ways.  In addition to being an intuitive it appeared
that they could both read each other’s thoughts.

As she pulled in the driveway, Jaden actually pulled in behind her.  Jaden appeared to be worn out.  “Hey Jaden,
how was your day?”  “Really long, to be honest.”  

They both headed inside and into the kitchen.  As Jaden put on a pot of coffee, Jasmine picked up the invitation
they had received from Nina and Kyle and began to reread it.

To all of our closet friends, as you know Nina and Kyle have decided to marry.  It would bring them great pleasure
if you would join them in celebrating their wedding day with a long weekend getaway.  They would like nothing
more than to share their special day surrounded by their closest friends.
They would like everyone to meet at the Tavern on Friday November 1st, 2014 at 1pm.  At that time a charter bus
will pick everyone up, including Nina and Kyle to take you to the weekend retreat.  You will be spending the entire
weekend at a plantation.
Be prepared for a 4 hour ride..  All you will need to bring are the clothes you plan to wear.  Food, drink and all
accommodations are being provided.  
The actual ceremony will take place on Sunday at 4pm.  The dress is casual and as per the requests of Nina and
Kyle, please, NO GIFTS!  Your presence for the weekend is your gift to them.  The charter bus will be there
Sunday at 9pm for your return trip home to the Tavern.  Please RSVP to Nina by October 25th, 2014.

“Hey Jaden, have you spoken to Nina about this since we sent in the RSVP?”  “No, I haven’t, just the fact that we
were happy for her and would be there.”  

Jasmine began to wonder about this plantation house.  “I know it’s the night before we leave, but what do you
think if we give her a quick call?”  “Maybe she can give us some more insight on what to expect.”  

Jaden thought this would be a great idea.  “I have been meaning to call her for the last couple of days, but I have
been so busy with work.”  “Yeah, let me see if I can get her on speaker phone.”

Nina answered right away.  “Hey you two!”  “Are you ready for the weekend?”  Jasmine replied, “Actually we are
both just getting home and getting ready to pack.”  Jaden asks, “Nina are you anxious?”  

Nina cries, “Are you kidding me?”  “I am so freaking excited I have not slept all week!”  “I have waited to marry this
man for years!”  

Jasmine yelled, “I am so happy for you Nina!”  “I know this is what you have always wanted, and I am glad Kyle
has finally come through!”  Jaden remarks, “This is all so very exciting!”  “Can you tell us anything about this
plantation that we will be staying at?” Jasmine chimes in, “Yes, please do share.”  “Did you two rob a bank or
what?”  “Where did this plantation come into play?”

Nina laughs, “I knew everyone would want to know the story and I just haven’t had time to touch base with
everyone.”  “So yes, we had planned on sharing this story on the bus.”  “But I’m glad you two called!”  “You are
both going to love this!”

Jasmine said, “We get the scoop first, I love it!”  Nina begins, “You know Kyle has lost both of his parents, but still
has family in France.”  Jaden and Jasmine both remembered.  “Well it turns out that his aunt, his mother’s sister,
inherited a large family plantation house that is worth a lot of money.”  “His aunt and uncle have spent millions
renovating this place to open up some type of elaborate banquet hall and bed and breakfast.” “So our wedding
will be the first event held there since the renovations.”  “How cool is that?”

Jaden exclaimed, “Oh my God, Nina this is wonderful!” Jasmine chimes in, “In knowing Kyle all of these years, why
has he never mentioned this place before?”  Nina replies, “Well according to Kyle, he forgot all about it.”  “He
does remember visiting one time but he was a little boy.”  “Funny his parents never spoke of the place.”  “He said
that from what he can remember there was some type of large family scandal or something about the place.”  “He
has no idea, possibly due to the amount of money this place must be worth.” “I mean, I know they have spent
millions on renovations.”

At that time, Kyle comes in from work.  “Hey guys, Kyle just came in, let me put you on speaker phone.”  From
Nina, “Hey babe, I have Jasmine and Jaden on the phone and I was telling them about the plantation house.”  

Kyle laughs, “Hey ladies, are you two ready for a weekend of fun?”  Jasmine laughs, “How have you held out
about this place all of these years?”  Kyle replied, “Honestly I didn’t know anything about this place.”  “I mean I
remember a little from being about six years old, but I didn’t know my family actually owned the place.”

Jaden yells, “That is so cool!”  “Tell us what you remember!”   Kyle sighed, “Well you have to remember I was a
little boy, but even then I remember it being an enormous brick house.”  “I also remember there were other homes
or something out back.”  “If I am not mistaken, there was a creek or pond or something too.”

Nina chimes in, “She said this place is something like 20,000 square feet.”  “I cannot even imagine.”   Kyle said,
“They have spent millions on it.”  “Did Nina tell you that we are the first event since the renovation?”   Jaden cries,
“Yes that is so amazing!”

Kyle sighed, “All I know is this place is fully furnished and fully staffed.”  “They are going to tend to our every
need from the time we get there until the time we leave.”  “They are fully stocked with food and of course the
bar.”  “Actually I told them to double stock the bar, I mean we are a drinking group.”

Nina said, “Kyle tell them why we chose to take a charter bus.”  Kyle spoke, “Yeah, first I guess we should have
told everyone that there is no cell service out there.”  “I am told the place is hard to find, and they have not put
the signs up yet.”  “My aunt offered a charter bus for everyone so we could all be together and arrive at one
time.”  “Pretty much she said that every single one of us would have problems finding it.”  “Besides, it’s a private
charter bus, meaning we can have alcohol and a designated driver!”

Jasmine exclaimed, “This is going to be totally awesome!”  “Should we plan to tip the staff?”  Kyle replied, “No,
everything is taken care of and my family has spared no expense.”

Jaden questioned, “Hey Kyle, have you ever looked up the actual history on this place?”  Kyle said, “No, I haven’
t.”  “Matter of fact I am not real certain of the name.”  “I think it’s the Virginia Wheeler House or The Wheeler
Plantation or something.”  “No I am pretty sure the name Virginia is in it.”  “I don’t know if that means the state of
Virginia, or if it’s a family members name.”

Jasmine hesitantly says, “So guys, you know, I just have to ask.”  “Do you think the place is haunted?”  Kyle busts
out laughing, “God I hope so!”  Nina chimes in laughing, “Wouldn’t that just be fitting?”  

Jaden responds, “So are we going to take the time to do a little investigating while we are there?”  “Are you
kidding me,” exclaims Kyle. “You girls better bring all of the paranormal equipment!”  Jasmine replies with “Hell
yeah!” Nina laughs, “I would be so disappointed if you didn’t!”  “This is a golden opportunity for The Ghost
Enthusiasts to throw down and have at it!”

From Jaden, “Well I mean, I didn’t want to offend you, or for either of you to think its inappropriate with the
wedding and all, and that IS why we are there.”  Nina laughs, “Girls I would not have it any other way.”  “Just don’t
tell anyone else, we will announce it when we are in route!”  Jasmine squeals, “Oh my God, I cannot wait!”  “Two
of our best friends getting married, a retreat where we are waited on hand and foot, and all of The Ghost
Enthusiasts on an investigation again.”  “I am so thrilled I will never sleep!”

Nina exclaims, “I have not slept since Kyle proposed!”  Jaden says, “Nina I know you have waited a long time and
are so happy.”  Nina replied, “Yes I have!”  “I picked up my dress yesterday.”  “I am so ready that I don’t care if we
get married at the courthouse, the Tavern or our kitchen!”  “I am just ready to do this!”  Everyone laughs at once.

They hung up the phone and Jasmine headed to her room to pack while Jaden got ready to take her shower.  
Jaden walked into Jasmine’s bedroom, “Do you need any help?”
“I think I can handle it.”  “I did want to ask if you have packed everything from the bathroom and what makeup I
should take.”  “There is no sense in us packing two of everything.”  Jaden replied, “I only have a couple more
things to pack from the bathroom after my shower.”  “I plan to have everything together, so tomorrow we will only
have to grab our toothbrushes and our cell phone chargers.”  “You should only have to pack your clothes.”  
Jasmine giggled, “You know me well!”

As Jaden stood in Jasmine’s bedroom, she noticed that there was something off with Jasmine.  Something just
wasn’t right.  They had been able to read one another for as long as she could remember.  “Hey Jasmine, is
everything okay?”  “I don’t have to take my shower right this minute, if you would like to talk.”

Jasmine took a deep breath and thought long about what Jaden just asked her and sat down on the bed.  “Do
you know when I get that feeling sometime, that something is just not right and something bad is about to
happen?”  “Well I got that feeling as soon as we hung up the phone with Nina and Kyle.”  “I just can’t seem to put
my finger on what it is exactly.”

Jaden thought for a moment.  There had been so many times that Jasmine had had that feeling come over her.  
Unfortunately, every time that she could recall, something bad did actually happen, so whenever Jasmine stated
she had a “feeling” she took it seriously.

“Jasmine do you have any idea?”  “I mean do you think it’s pertaining to this weekend or something else?”  
Jasmine thought about what her sister asked before she replied.  “I really don’t know.”  “Part of me thinks it has to
do with the weekend, because that was the topic of discussion before we got off the phone.”  “However, I also
wonder if it has to do directly with Nina and Kyle, since they were the two we were talking to.”  

Jaden thought about that for a minute…”Do you think it’s the location or the actual wedding?”  “Nina will be
devastated if something goes wrong with the wedding!”  “Maybe the trip there?”  “Something wrong with the bus
or something?”

Jasmine said, “I just don’t know.”  “All I know is it hit me hard the moment we hung up with them.”  “Maybe it is all
in my head and I am just wrong or expecting the worst.”  They both sat there in silence, neither of them believing
what Jasmine just said.  They both knew in their hearts that something was about to go wrong.  They just didn’t
know when or with whom.
                               © 2006-2019 Jackie Tomlin.  All Rights Reserved.